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Nampa Development

Building our foundation at Cascadia Healthcare

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“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”
David Allan Coe

Building Our FoundationAs I walk the freshly constructed halls of our Transitional Care Facility in Nampa, I am reminded how important it is to ensure Cascadia is built with the strength to stand the test of time. Solid cultural, clinical and financial pillars from the beginning will ensure we have laid the groundwork to consistently be the company we want to be. We will continue to face challenges in the industry with regulation, reimbursement and attrition, and it is ever more apparent that our energy needs to be focused on sound and disciplined decisions strengthening the foundation of Cascadia.
Just over two years ago we started Cascadia Healthcare with a desire to build something unique and meaningful – something we could be proud of. In these two years we have grown through challenges, built amazing and meaningful partnerships, and expanded our footprint in the Northwest.  Every new opportunity has allowed us to be stronger and able to do more good. We look forward to continuing our growth with the addition of our Nampa Transitional Facility in the early Fall of 2017.

Cascadia Wants You! Now accepting applications for our Nampa New Build!

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IMG_3574Things are looking great at our Nampa Site, Therapy gym is looking amazing and the 300 hall is almost ready to be painted.  We are still targeting an early September opening, we are starting to take application for all positions. Interviews will be in the next month or two, but we are actively starting to take your applications for all shifts and all positions.  This includes Administrator and Director of Nursing.  Please submit your resume on our Contact Page.

Progress at the Nampa Site

By Nampa Development


Nampa Site Progress

Nampa Site Progress

We continue to see great progress at our Nampa site. Construction is on or slightly ahead of schedule, we hope to continue the momentum into the fall, keep your fingers crossed that weather holds up.

Thanks for Coming!

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We had a great ground breaking ceremony for our Transitional Rehab Center in Nampa, Idaho. Mayor Henry from Nampa was there along with many leaders from the community. We will continue to update our progress at the site over the next few months.  A big thank you to everyone that shared their well wishes and those who showed up for this event. We are grateful for all of the support on this project.