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Chalk this one up to our Cascadia Heroes!

By Cascadia Healthcare, Culture

Cascadia Heroes

All of our facilities have been on restricted entry only allowing essential personnel into their buildings. We know that this will be temporary, but it has been hard to adequately show our support and love to our employees.

Yesterday our home office and field support staff rallied and went with their families to our local facilities.  Armed with colored chalk and smiles they arrived at our buildings to express love and support to all the front-line workers who are amazing all of us with their commitment to our residents. We continue to be impressed with everyone’s dedication to safety and health for our employees and those loved ones in our care.

In addition to expressing our admiration of these HEROES through chalk art, the home office organized care packages that have been sent to all of our buildings with food and treats to stock their employee break rooms.  It has been difficult not being able to spend time with our partners face to face, but we are committed to showing our love and support in any way we can. Grateful for our Heroes and the devotion they share to their fellow Heroes in the field. #Forceforgood

Building our foundation at Cascadia Healthcare

By Cascadia Healthcare, Culture, Nampa Development
“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”
David Allan Coe

Building Our FoundationAs I walk the freshly constructed halls of our Transitional Care Facility in Nampa, I am reminded how important it is to ensure Cascadia is built with the strength to stand the test of time. Solid cultural, clinical and financial pillars from the beginning will ensure we have laid the groundwork to consistently be the company we want to be. We will continue to face challenges in the industry with regulation, reimbursement and attrition, and it is ever more apparent that our energy needs to be focused on sound and disciplined decisions strengthening the foundation of Cascadia.
Just over two years ago we started Cascadia Healthcare with a desire to build something unique and meaningful – something we could be proud of. In these two years we have grown through challenges, built amazing and meaningful partnerships, and expanded our footprint in the Northwest.  Every new opportunity has allowed us to be stronger and able to do more good. We look forward to continuing our growth with the addition of our Nampa Transitional Facility in the early Fall of 2017.

Cascadia Wants You! Now accepting applications for our Nampa New Build!

By Cascadia Healthcare, Nampa Development


IMG_3574Things are looking great at our Nampa Site, Therapy gym is looking amazing and the 300 hall is almost ready to be painted.  We are still targeting an early September opening, we are starting to take application for all positions. Interviews will be in the next month or two, but we are actively starting to take your applications for all shifts and all positions.  This includes Administrator and Director of Nursing.  Please submit your resume on our Contact Page.


By Cascadia Healthcare, Culture

We are always looking for honest hardworking people to join our team.  If you are looking to to make a change, or you are just interested in learning more about Cascadia Healthcare or one of our locations, please reach out on our contacts page or send us an email at

Some of our Core Values

Family – We believe in building families at home, at work, and in our communities.
At Cascadia being a Force For Good starts with building strong foundations in all
parts of our lives.

Ownership – At our core we believe in ownership, owning the work you do, the
way you conduct business, give care, interact with staff, residents, and our community.

Responsibility – It is our duty to uphold our core values, provide excellent care,
interact with all people with kindness and professionalism, build a strong culture,
and to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Celebration – We believe in celebration- whether it is the life stories that our residents
continue to write or the small accomplishments our team does to enhance the lives of
the ones we are entrusted to serve, we passionately celebrate all of them.

Experience Driven -We believe in building a company guided and driven by developing
and nurturing meaningful and rich experiences in all areas of the company.

Welcome to the Cascadia Family!

By Cascadia Healthcare

transition-2BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Cascadia Healthcare, LLC today announced that it has acquired the operations of three Skilled Nursing Facilities. Libby Care of Cascadia, a 101-bed skilled nursing facility located in Libby, Montana, Coeur D’Alene Health and Rehabilitation of Cascadia, a 117-bed skilled nursing facility located in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, and Clearwater Health and Rehabilitation of Cascadia, a 60-bed skilled nursing facility located in Orofino, Idaho.  Cascadia Healthcare, via wholly owned subsidiaries, has entered into a triple-net leasing arrangement for the Facilities with the real estate owner of the property. Cascadia has assumed operations effective January 1, 2017.

These acquisitions are expected to materially add to Cascadia’s cash flow, while offering significant potential for growth.

“We are excited about these strategic acquisitions that allow us to expand our growing footprint into the Northern Idaho and Western Montana markets, said Owen Hammond, Cascadia’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Hammond also noted that, “Cascadia is pleased that our disciplined growth plan allowed us the opportunity to acquire these Facilities and deliver on Cascadia’s commitment to being a Force for Good to our residents, Employees, and the communities that we serve.”

Doug Bodily, Cascadia’s Chief Operations Officer, added, “We have long enjoyed a great relationship with Idaho’s Department of Health and are enthusiastic to enter the Montana market with the intent to replicate that great relationship.”

In addition to these acquisitions, Cascadia continues its development of two state of the art 99-bed Transitional Care Facilities in Nampa and Boise, Idaho, with both expected to commence operations in the latter half of 2017.

About Cascadia Healthcare  Cascadia Healthcare is a growing post-acute healthcare company, based in Eagle, Idaho. Cascadia’s principals bring a deep understanding of healthcare operations at both the facility and regional levels, having worked in different capacities over many years at one of the nation’s most highly-respected publicly-traded post-acute care providers.

Great Partnerships are the Secret Sauce!

By Cascadia Healthcare, Culture

Thank you to all of our partners!


When we started Cascadia in 2015, we knew that one of the most important things we could do to ensure our success would be to partner with people that shared our values and commitment to the same core principles that we do. This is not an easy task, as there are many potential partners out there that are great at what they do. We sought to partner with people that not only do great work, but those companies that were interested in building long-lasting real and personal relationships. These relationships are rare, and if you are lucky, you might come across only a few partnerships that demonstrate this trait in your career.

This past year has been a whirlwind of activity full of anxiety, hope, and a sincere appreciation for these remarkable partnerships. As big as this industry appears from the outside, the Healthcare Industry is a small and intimate group of caretakers, service providers, and talented leaders. I believe there is a shared bond among all those that choose to serve in this delicate and often challenging industry. The common thread that weaves us together is that of selfless service. It can be seen directly with our residents and patients, our staff, or in other ways within the communities that we serve. We are all dedicated to this industry and the longevity of each of the crafts that we practice.

Not every company is perfect. Execution can be tricky and there are many variables that can hinder our ability to do more. Acknowledging not every company is perfect, including our own, I wanted to specifically thank a few partnerships out of the many that have helped us in extraordinary ways this past year.

Each of these partners have shown the unique strength to personalize their services for Cascadia in a real and meaningful way specific to our needs in 2016.

We are immensely grateful for your leadership, support, and partnership as we continue to grow our company. Thank you from everyone at Cascadia!

Cascadia Home Office Fun – Experiencing the joy of the season!

By Cascadia Healthcare, Culture
Be a Force for Good

Cascadia Healthcare – Experience Driven

What a treat to spend the afternoon with all the talented people that support Cascadia Healthcare from our home office. We believe in building an “Experience Driven” company guided by developing and nurturing meaningful and rich experiences. There is no better way to get to know people than breaking bread together and in this case MAKING bread together! Experiences and traditions weave the fabric of our culture ensuring our greatest capital, our people, feel connected, inspired and loved. Grateful for all the laughs, fun and memories forged at Sur La Table this past week with everyone at Cascadia’s Home Office.


Cascadia Celebrates Family – Happy Thanksgiving!

By Cascadia Healthcare

Happy Thanksgiving - Cascadia

Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves change, the weather cools down, and there is a palpable excitement in the air as people eagerly anticipate spending time with family and friends for the holidays. Whether it is the maturity of getting older or the profound respect and understanding that comes from being vulnerable and new, as we are at Cascadia, I feel even more grateful than ever this year.


At Cascadia we believe in families. We believe that, at its core, building strong families within our facilities and in our homes, is one of our biggest and most important accomplishments. Without trust, compassion and patience within these units, we are not allowed the opportunity to be the extraordinary people we want to become and deliver the outcomes we strive for. Hiring the right people and empowering them to own their environments allows for innovation, creativity and accountability. All of these things, drilled down to their base, engender extraordinary outcomes in all areas.


All of the amazing people we serve in our facilities have very unique and colorful life stories. Honoring those experiences and the uniqueness of each of them is important to us. We believe in celebration- whether it is the life stories that our residents continue to write or the small accomplishments our team does to enhance the lives of the ones we are entrusted to serve, we passionately celebrate all of them.  The journey of life comes with many challenges and setbacks, but we see the joy in the small things, the simple gestures, the moments of victory and the elation of even the slightest progress. We celebrate life and all that comes with it.


As I reflect upon the past year and the families we have started to build in our facilities, home office and with our colleagues, we celebrate the opportunity to serve this great industry and work with amazing individuals. To all of those who have played a small and or significant role in our growth this past year, I raise a glass of sparkling cider to you and say from everyone at Cascadia – Thank you! We look forward to 2017 with anticipation for the new lives we will touch and the new relationships that will be formed. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, may you celebrate joy and happiness surrounded by family and friends!