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Family Matters – Cascadia Ground Breaking

By Boise Development
Skilled Nursing Development

Cascadia Development

With a brisk  fall bite in the air, we had our ground breaking ceremonies yesterday morning for our Transitional Care Facility at our Boise location.  We are grateful for all of the local support, special thanks to both the St. Alphonsus and St. Luke’s representatives, the city of Boise, the Department of Health and Welfare, the Governors office and many other friends and colleagues who showed support and to those who also attended. We feel very blessed to have the support of the community and definitely felt it yesterday.


We continue to be amazed at the many talents our Cascadia partners have, Marlene and Dee, from Shaw Mountain of Cascadia, cooked and displayed an amazing spread of ordoeuvres and drinks from their own facility. Many others stepped up and help with decorations, marketing and setup. Thank you!


Lastly, one of our core values at Cascadia is Family, not just in our homes but the family units that we create in our respective facilities and our home office. These are essential to the growth of our culture, the support of our mission and our pursuit of  building a lasting legacy in the industry. It was touching to see children from many of our Cascadia Principals and other partners within Cascadia as they had their very own unscripted shovel ceremony after all the old folks stepped aside.


Nothing touches my heart more than to know that the next healthcare generation of kids are getting the opportunity to be a part of Cascadia’s growth and the development of our culture.


Thank you for all your support!

Please take a virtual tour of our Transitional Care Facility,  Click Here.